ISPO AWARD 2015/16
Vacuum Base Composite

Kohla Tirol has reached another milestone on its way up.

We proudly announce that our new flagship "Vacuum Base Composite" was awared the highly coveted ISPO AWARD 2015/16. For the award, the international jury selected the most innovative products and, once again, a product of the Tyrolean sports goods manufacturer Kohla was represented.
The concept of the Vacuum Composite skin with a 2-zone adhesive layer is based on a vacuum surface layer which, under pressure, connects more closely to the running surface. The reinforced adhesive layer prevents the intrusion of snow and provides perfect grip along the climbing zones. The slightly softer middle layer facilitates the application and removal of the skins. We want to thank you for the lots of feedback, which is very important for us in order to continually improve our products, their application, and their development.
DISCOVER the new "Vacuum Base Composite", let its usability INSPIRE you, and EXPERIENCE a unique mountaineering product from our home.


The brand from the mountains of Tyrol chooses a new way - the "Tyrolean way".

The newest innovation by the Kohla company is the climbing skin Vacuum Base 2.0. The concept is based on a vacuum surface layer, which is connected more closely to the running surface due to pressure. The increasing boom on the touring ski market has encouraged us to develop a silicon-free, hence eco-friendly and extremely wear-free climbing skin, with a creation of value taking place in Tyrol, which gives us the full competence to pursue what motivates us most - producing the best skins on the market. The skin is silicon-free, hence stable in shape and UV-resistant, and can be cleaned with water. The cleaning of the so-called adhesive layer reactivates adhesion and provides the skin with a durability that exceeds that of others by years.
The easy handling will especially INSPIRE female ski-mountaineers, as it finally does away with the difficulties of seperating adhesive layers. The wear-free Vacuum Base layer remains in its original shape, does not absorb residues from the running surface, and conveys its user a sense of safety and quality.
Thus, we are talking about the future, and also a revolution, in the climbing skin sector. Because of this, we have added color to our skins, as well as countless refinements. The new lamination of the skin fixations is called i-Clip (i = intelligent). This method prevents chafe marks and rounds off the visually appealing design of the skin.
DISCOVER the new Vacuum Base, let its usability INSPIRE you, and EXPERIENCE a unique mountaineering product from our home.