How do I clean my telescopic poles and do I have to lubricate them from time to time?
Never use lubricating oil or similar products on your poles! When they are wet, disassemble the segments and leave them out to dry. Other than that, take a slightly moist cloth and remove dust or potential dirt around the individual segments.

My pole straps will not adjust?

Hold straps up vertically, then pull on one side to adjust length. Put pole strap down to make it steady as a rock again.

My skin (Vacuum Base) cannot be applied to the ski for a second time. It does not adhere to the ski properly and becomes loose after only a few steps?

In cold conditions, try warming the skin with your body. At the same time, keep the running surface clear of snow (maybe try to dry and warm, e.g. with the included fleece skin bag) and then properly press the skin to the ski. In warm, and especially in wet conditions, properly dry the ski with the fleece skin bag and maybe also let the adhesive layer dry (in the sun or through dabbing with the fleece skin bag).

My skins stick together so strongly that I cannot separate them anymore?

With adhesive skins, always use the included protective foil (not the foil attached to new skins ex works!). You best separate the protective foil in the middle and use 1 piece for 1 skin, which is then best folded in the middle.

My skin keeps on glopping, what can I do?

In extreme conditions, every skin can become subject to glopping once in a while. All Kohla skins are impregnated and made water-repellent ex works in order to prevent glopping. However, this impregnation does not last forever, therefore we recommend applying the Kohla skin impregnation spray after every few tours. Ideally, heat the impregnation at home with a hairdryer to prolong its effect. This improves the gliding properties of the skin and makes it glop-proof. We also recommend taking the Kohla hard wax with you on tours, so that, in case, you can rub it on in the direction of the hair growth. It can also be used on skis.